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The first half of life is for learning. The second half of life is for living.

The New Mid is a frank, funny look at women in mid-life and their day-to day-struggles and successes, as well as the big stuff - questions about meaning, fulfillment and happiness. It’s a place where women in their 40’s and up are breaking societal boundaries and expectations, while still dealing with real life issues such as caring for aging parents or restarting their careers.  You’ll get real talk with nothing held back about the topics you care about, with experts weighing in on health, sex, finances, relationships and everything in between.

Feb 28, 2020

Have you ever held yourself back from doing something you had a deep desire to do? Or were worried what other people might think of you? In today's tips I'm talking with Tonya Hatosy-Stier is from Woman to Woman Mentoring that is now in it's 10th year. The organization has helped over 400 women to improve their lives....

Feb 21, 2020

There’s so much news out there about the Coronavirus but what does it all mean? We keep hearing about death rates and how contagious it is but what does that mean for the average American? In today’s episode I spoke with medical specialists to discuss what exactly is COVID19 or SARS 2. How can we protect ourselves...

Feb 16, 2020

In today's episode I talk with Cindy Miller for the Office of Tourism in Maryland about traveling alone and with your girlfriends. Plus Govern Larry Hogan from Maryland declared it the Year of the Woman in 2020. We are celebrating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment. 

  • Traveling offers many benefits including being...

Feb 14, 2020

Every feel completely out of balance? Is work taking up 80% of your time and energy and your family is getting the leftover 20%? The most important thing you can do for yourself is get rid of the GUILT.

Here are five very helpful times to bring balance to your work and life as a parent.

1- Carve Out Focus Time:...

Feb 9, 2020

“It’s not about finding the time. It’s about making the time.” 


Do you put others in front of your health? Walking will not only improve your physical health it will improve your mental health. In today’s episode I’m joined by Joyce Shulman Founder of “Macaroni Kids.” After interacting with millions of...