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The first half of life is for learning. The second half of life is for living.

The New Mid is a frank, funny look at women in mid-life and their day-to day-struggles and successes, as well as the big stuff - questions about meaning, fulfillment and happiness. It’s a place where women in their 40’s and up are breaking societal boundaries and expectations, while still dealing with real life issues such as caring for aging parents or restarting their careers.  You’ll get real talk with nothing held back about the topics you care about, with experts weighing in on health, sex, finances, relationships and everything in between.

Jan 30, 2023

There is so much stress and darkness in the world. You also might be struggling with past traumas. This week's guest Dee Castelli is a trauma-informed Certified Aromatherapist and Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Practitioner.

In this episode you will learn the power of your sense of smell. How it can help dissolve your...

Jan 23, 2023

Does exercise seem like a chore to you? I speak with MK Stahl from Fit Body Boot Camp who gives us insight on how to find the right workout for you. Hint: if you're not having fun you probably won't stick to it. You also can't out train a poor diet. 

Jan 16, 2023

Are you ready to lose weight, get healthy and learn how to do is with your natural cycle? In today's episode, Michelle interviews Dr. Mindy Pelz about her new book: "Fast Like a Girl." They discuss the importance and what the different sex hormones are. Why you need to track your cycle even if you don't have one...

Jan 9, 2023

In order to move into the New Year, I took a look back at one of the most difficult years, 2022. And realized there are 3 important lessons I learned. Sadly, we lost my father-in-law during the summer. This left a big hole and guilt as he had asked if we could visit him one last time before her died. We hadn't been able...

Jan 2, 2023

It's the time of year to reflect on what went well in 2022 and how to set ourselves up for success in 2023. Whom better to help me do that than my good friend Joyce Shulman from 99Walks and Jetti poles. What you'll learn in this episode is the importance of reflecting on our year and not necessarily what were your...