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The first half of life is for learning. The second half of life is for living.

The New Mid is a frank, funny look at women in mid-life and their day-to day-struggles and successes, as well as the big stuff - questions about meaning, fulfillment and happiness. It’s a place where women in their 40’s and up are breaking societal boundaries and expectations, while still dealing with real life issues such as caring for aging parents or restarting their careers.  You’ll get real talk with nothing held back about the topics you care about, with experts weighing in on health, sex, finances, relationships and everything in between.

Jun 12, 2020

It's so important now that we have this unique time to surround yourself with positive connections:

Here are a few thoughts for you to consider when thinking about your connections: 

1- Are the people you return to be with, do they allow you to be your authentic self or do you feel you have to act differently to fit their lifestyle?

2- After you have spent time with them, do you feel energize or do you feel your energy has been depleted?

3- Do they have a growth mindset? Are they continually challenging themselves, investing in themselves and working on self-development?

4- Are they kind? Do they volunteer? Do they serve others?