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The first half of life is for learning. The second half of life is for living.

The New Mid is a frank, funny look at women in mid-life and their day-to day-struggles and successes, as well as the big stuff - questions about meaning, fulfillment and happiness. It’s a place where women in their 40’s and up are breaking societal boundaries and expectations, while still dealing with real life issues such as caring for aging parents or restarting their careers.  You’ll get real talk with nothing held back about the topics you care about, with experts weighing in on health, sex, finances, relationships and everything in between.

Mar 27, 2020

In Today's Tips Debby Nealy from 2911, a non-profit that supports young women 13-21 that helps them build self-confidence, leadership and social responsibility, gives us tips on how to build positive relationships. 

  1. Accept and Celebrate Differences: Branch out and find friends that have different talents and strengths than us. 
  2. Develop Communications Skills: Are you listening effectively. Am I distracted? Do I understand what the other person is saying?
  3. Trust More: Work on the relationship and don't always assume the person it being negative. Watch how you talk to each other. 
  4. Develop Empathy: Put yourself in other people's shoes. People never forget how you make them feel. 
  5. Time: Give the people you care about your time. What's important to your person interested in and do what they're interested in. 

****Due to the Coronavirus the event Debby mentioned has been postponed***